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Dr. Taylor Thompson

Clinic Director
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Mandeville, LA


Parker University



Dr. Taylor adjusting a patient's back
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Dr. Taylor adjusting a patient's back
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Dr. Taylor adjusting a patient's neck
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Witnessing Natural Power

A patient that I’ve been seeing for a while is a 38 year old female. She came into the office with sunglasses and expressed she had low back and neck pain, right shoulder stiffness, and migraines. She also stated that migraines were pretty common during her childhood but they’re becoming more frequent and intense to the point of wearing sunglasses because of bright lights. Furthermore, she previously experienced an auto accident where she broke her pelvis.

During her new patient exam, I discovered that she’s the mother of a wonderful 4 year old daughter. She let me know how excruciating the pain was during her pregnancy due to the effects of the car accident. Since giving birth, she’s visited a neurologist, neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, and other chiropractors. The only doctor that was able to give her any relief was a chiropractor from her hometown.

Since moving to Tullahoma, TN and starting at Spine Stop Chiropractic, I created a unique 3.5 month treatment plan to help her with nerve interference in the neck and correct her Sacroiliac (SI) joint from the auto accident. As her appointments go on, she’s starting to come into the office with much more energy and is very optimistic about her health. This is a huge difference from the first time I met her when she had sunglasses on and would often walk with a cane.

Now that she’s experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care, she gets to spend more time with her daughter, go on walks, and partake in fun outdoor activities. After seeing her go through care this far, I’m rooting for her because I know she’ll start to feel even better as time pushes forward.

My experience with this patient has been wonderful and makes me proud to be a chiropractor. This just shows that any progress measures a stride when it comes to a patient’s health. I’m eager to help more people experience chiropractic and live their lives again.

*The results in this story don't reflect every patient’s experience with chiropractic care. Results vary based on patient condition.

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Used to describe pain, swelling, or stiffness in the joints, and is related to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Man holding hands over face rubbing eyes outdoors


Term used for pain felt in the head, upper neck, face, and eyes that range in severity from mild to severe or debilitating.

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Low Back Pain

Movement, sensitivity, and pain occurs when one or more of the 31 complex nerve pairs disrupt signals to the brain.

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Young man sitting in a field with hands over his face because of pain


Specific causes are largely unknown but it’s thought to be the result of abnormal brain activity which affects nerve signals.

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Neck Pain

The neck connects the central nervous system to the torso and is supported by muscles, when strained or injured, cause pain.

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Tingling sensations in lower extremities are caused by the sciatic nerve being compressed, pinched, damaged, or blocked.

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Still being researched, 20% of cases are caused by vertebrae malformation, muscular diseases, or by degenerative conditions.

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Shoulder Pain

Pain can suddenly appear or develop over time due to injury, overuse, overexertion, or from underlying conditions.

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