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Dr. Colin Fultz

Director of Operations
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Munford, TN


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Witnessing Natural Power

After treating tens of thousands of patients in my career, telling one story about chiropractic is tough. However, one story does stick out to me. I was able to treat a 7 year old boy who had severe absent seizures.

My relationship with this little boy and his mother began by her telling me, “if he ever seems like he’s ignoring you, he’s not. That’s just him having a seizure.” I was taken back by this and proceeded to do his 40 minute exam. Which led to him having 20 to 30 seizures during that short amount of time.

The mother then informed me they have been visiting the best hospitals in the country for years. He’s tried different medication combinations in an attempt to limit the seizures that typically ranged from 700 to 800 times per day.

His seizures not only affected him doing schoolwork, playing with his brothers and sisters, sleeping, his development and speech, but it has put an immense strain on their family. She and her husband were going to divorce and his siblings were about to become homeschooled.

After his mother had to constantly watch him experience seizures all day she began to feel helpless. Nothing seemed to help her little boy so she came to the office as a last resort.

I took extremely detailed exams which made it difficult for the young boy to ignore me. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary but I reassured his mother that I would do everything in my power to help him. We set up a treatment plan which included me seeing him every day of the week for the first month.

During that time, he became comfortable talking to me as I routinely adjusted him with many different techniques. We also restricted his diet by limiting the amount of dairy and sugar. By the end of his first month his range of motion, energy, sleep, and speech improved dramatically.

While I did his re-evaluation exam I asked his mother what she noticed about his seizures. In which she started crying in pure joy telling me, “I counted 10 seizures all day yesterday and they were only lasting for 20 to 30 seconds each!” I was filled with absolute joy and relief that I was able to help him and his family live again.

This experience absolutely reassured me that removing interference on the nervous system is extremely powerful and important to our health. Because of chiropractic I not only changed his life, but the entire family.

*The results in this story don't reflect every patient’s experience with chiropractic care. Results vary based on patient condition.

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